Psychiatrist  Morgan Jane Winters is at it again, as she takes us on another exciting  heart-pounding, crime solving, ride through the eclectic city of New  Orleans.  When a suspicious fire, in an upscale Algiers Point  neighborhood leaves a trail of broken hearts and three dead bodies,  secrets protected with lies and carnage become the order of the day.   ​  

As  expected, the New Orleans Police Department and Commander of Special  Investigations, Jackson Slade, enlist super sleuth, Dr. Morgan Jane  Winters to aid in figuring out whodunit.  Plowing through the evidence,  Morgan finds herself in a swell of life-threatening resentment,  hostility, betrayal, and self-reflection. 

Hide  and Seek is the second installment in the Morgan Jane Winters Mystery series, warmly dubbed a Murder Mystery Series with a Message.   Jill Collins’ unique story telling takes a provocatively  introspective look at the human condition, and the lengths some will go  to protect their deadly dysfunction.   Hide and Seek, like Surrender,  book one in the series, is a smart, fast paced, mind engaging read, with  plot twists and turns, cozy humor, and a hope filled spiritual thread  you’ll love.



In the tradition of best-selling psychological thrillers, Surrender is a smart, captivating, fast-paced novel that will leave you guessing 'whodunit', until the very end.  

Psychiatrist Morgan Winters moved back south to her beloved hometown of New Orleans to help those in need of mental and emotional care.  Never in Morgan's wildest dreams could she have imagined that helping those in need would lead to being asked to aid in solving crimes with the New Orleans Police Department, but it did.

When Commander Jackson Slade, Head of Special Investigations, calls on Morgan to lend a hand in solving the brutal murders of four people, the darkest and deadliest of secrets within the political elite of New Orleans become unearthed.

As they sift through what seems to be a massive cover up, they are led down a complex and dangerously lurid path of deception, intrigue, passion and murder.


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